5 Year LTI Free Award

On 06 of August 2022, S SAMBA crew celebrated a magnificent 5 years LTI injury free workplace

We consider the health, safety and well-being of our seafarers as one of our highest priorities.

The 5-year Loss Time Injury (LTI) free award, is one of our incentives for managing Safety onboard.

On 13th February 2020 our first vessel passed the 5-year injury free workplace milestone.

Working 1.865 days without a LTI Incident on board is one of our great achievements.

Each vessels crew passed the milestone marked by a moment of pride and celebration.

Next milestone achievement for our team would be the 10 years LTI free.

We remain committed to Goal Zero, living our values and building a strong safety culture.

Vessels awarded as of today:

  • SBI Leo (13/02/2020)
  • SBI Gemini (22/03/2020)
  • SBI Echo (07/07/2020)
  • SBI Tango (20/09/2020)
  • SBI Pegasus (20/10/2020)
  • SBI Cronos (25/11/2020)
  • SBI Thalia (29/01/2021)
  • SBI Achilles (08/02/2021)
  • SBI Hermes (03/03/2021)
  • SBI Perseus (31/03/2021)
  • S Samba (06/08/2022)


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